our story

We are dedicated to bringing you well designed, premium beach towels and specialty gifts in sun-kissed original prints. We believe that basics don't have to be boring and pack a little extra sunshine into every order with a keepsake organza towel bag and the option to personalize our flagship, ultra-soft towels.

 our mission: To give every busy gal what she deserves: a simple, sunny way of life.
We believe that hustle is overrated and that every busy gal deserves a break - and a better way of doing life.  Our goal is to help ladies everywhere - from college gals and career women to tired mamas  - simplify and soak up more of what matters most.


It all started while I was a busy road warrior in pharmaceutical sales.  I craved color and calm in a sea of dreary gray buildings and bumper to bumper cars.  I wanted a slow, sweet pace that favored carving out more time for the good stuff - more moments well-spent with loved ones, more margin in my days, and less hectic, packed schedules and endless hustle.  

What started as a creative outlet has grown into a shop and mission that truly sets my heart on fire.  We choose - daily - to embrace a sunny way of life that looks on the bright side.  We believe the comfort of the coast is a state of mind that can be embraced regardless of location - from crowded cities that never sleep to lazy days on the shore covered by the warmth of the sun.  Our sun-kissed, happy prints are the bright spot in any day - and the perfect reminder that a relaxed, more simple life is always within reach.

We also have a pretty amazing story behind our company name. It inspires us daily and is the constant behind our sunny state of mind, come rain or shine - we'd love to share the details with you here.

We're so glad you're here!  And we're here to help - if you ever need a thing please reach out to us at Hello@ShopTLP.com.

Wishing you many sunny days full of the good stuff!  

xo, Amy at the little palm