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Custom TLP Prints + Patterns

Exclusive TLP Prints - one-of-a-kind, custom made works of art designed in house.  There is nothing quite like bright, colorful beach towels in gorgeous, fun prints.  Add a monogram or name as our free (forever!) gift to you!  No matter how you choose to spend your sunny days, we'll have you covered (literally!) in the happiest prints around.  Explore the swatches below to learn more.  


Birds of a Feather
A colorful, fun flamingo print that is fancy - never formal.
Set Sail
Go ahead, sail away to your favorite sunny destination.
Don't forget to pack your beach towel.
Anchors Away
Southern prep at its finest:
decked out in bow ties and anchors, with a hint of floral.
Calypso Coral
Get lost in the comfort of the coast with this fun coral print.
There's no end to the fun - 
whether you're playing on the sand or under the sea.
Palm Paradise
The grass is always greener - under the palm tree.
Bow Tie Bliss 
A sweet, southern classic that embodies
a simple and relaxed way of life.